Websites must be maintained and updated frequently due to technology and user experience. Knowing what will be the next big thing in design is the only way to stay current.

Certain people can predict future trends. Others use such trends and create the necessary code to make them a reality. Web design Influencers are what we call them if they are experts in web design.

Here is a list of Web design social media influencers who are willing to share what’s to come. Ride the tide of trendy web design by following them. Both your business and website users will benefit from what you learn.

Instagram is a well-liked platform for creative people to connect and find unlimited inspiration, with millions of active users. The web design and UX influencers not only share their work but also their workflow, detail design, design briefs, news, and design ideas.

These ideas can be used to lower bounce rates, boost conversions, and create better products for clients. Yet, you must be aware of who to follow in order to make the most of this platform. Let’s get started.

Dennis Snellenberg

Dennis Snellenberg, is among Instagram’s top creative web design influencers. Dennis Snellenberg is a front-end developer and freelance designer from the Netherlands who enjoys creating new things and sharing them with others. Interestingly, it might be interesting to know that Dennis is the creator of the account @welovewebdesign.

You will without a doubt feel inspired if you follow him on Instagram. He is undoubtedly one of the most imaginative designers out there. And Dennis is the person you need to think about if you’re seeking a skilled designer to collaborate with.

Also, his website, which is listed in his Instagram bio, can provide you with additional information about him, his most recent creations, and his services. Follow his Instagram account @codebydennis.

Yael Levey

Yael, a UX designer located in London, has a web design Instagram account that is also worth following. She is not only incredibly creative but also loves to post on Instagram about her original web design ideas. Following web design influencers like her will be quite beneficial for anyone looking to establish themselves in the field of web design or people who want to grow their online business.

They will discover her account to be a gold mine of original concepts, amazing design ideas, reputable publications on web design, online conferences and seminars on many facets of web design, and several other trending items on web design. Follow her Instagram account @iamnotmypixels

Vitaly Friedman

On this list, it’s very necessary to highlight the popular web design influencer Vitaly Friedman who is editor in chief of the famous “Smashing magazine” web design site.

He is a well-known character in the web design community, and the amount of resources available to web designers in Smashing magazine has increased. Some of the top web experts in the world share their opinions on this platform, which is accessible in print and online.

Following web design influencers like him will be quite beneficial for anyone looking to establish themselves in the field of web design or people who want to grow their online business. Follow his Instagram account @smashingmagzine.

Sander Crombach

He is a self-employed product and UX designer who has a strong passion for art and design. His Instagram profile is largely made up of intriguing travel photos. You will also discover some links to some of his interesting writings about product and UX design.

He is recognized for sharing some of his web design projects and working methods with you. Hence, following his account is a terrific method to get some fresh ideas for your future web design work. Follow his Instagram account @sandercrombach.

Zander Whitehurst

On Instagram, Zander Whitehurst is among the famous web design influencers. His goal is to teach web design disciples.

With his Instagram account, Zander enjoys connecting with others by sharing original thoughts. You will learn a lot by following him. He regularly releases brief tutorial videos and constructive advice about web designing that will keep you happy and entertained.

There are numerous things to learn from him because of his amazing skills and status as a true expert in his industry. He’s also willing to develop some fantastic pieces of art for your web company while working for you.

You already know that web design may help your internet business. Follow him to see more of his amazing work, and attract more clients. So, follow his Instagram account @zanderwhitehurst.

Irene Zinych

If you want skilled web design influencers who enjoy producing animated gifs, illuminating original works of art, and building a nice website, just follow her on Instagram.

Also, by following her Instagram web design account, you will gain some wonderful and priceless design advice that advances your knowledge in this sector due to her regularity in sharing ideas.

She is also quite approachable. Hence, you can ask her any questions and she will respond with the best explanation possible. Follow her Instagram account @rene.ui.

Giga Tamarashvili

Web designer Giga Tamarashvili also enjoys traveling. So, it is not limited to web design-related content, unlike other Instagram accounts for web design.

While teaching you web design principles, he also shares some of his real-life experiences. Because of this, following his account like other web design influencers will be interesting and entertaining. Prepare to see his most recent web designs, his trip places, and his own photographs.

Giga also has a second Instagram account called where he posts gorgeous color palettes. You may choose colors for your site designs with a lot of aid if you follow this account. Follow his Instagram account @gtamarashvili.

Final Words

The most entertaining and up-to-date web design influencers you should follow for the latest trends are mentioned in this post. You don’t have to keep your eyes and ears alert for new design trends because of these influences.

They are quite helpful with their suggestions, and tutorials. Your website can advance in terms of performance and design thanks to what you learn. They provide cost-free information. Also, use GVM technologies, web design services, to make your online businesses prominent.

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