There is a huge web development community on Twitter. As you are aware, Twitter is the ideal platform for staying up to date with the most recent information, ideas, and networking in the field of web development.

A fast search on the social network will frequently yield the results you need if you’re a web developer seeking ideas, instructions, and, of course, lots of comments.

It can be difficult to know where to begin if you’re new to social media or have previously only used it to post random pictures.

Our guide has a selection of the best web development Twitter accounts that share useful information. These are the top 10 web development Twitter accounts web developers should follow.

One of the most significant figures in web development right now is Jeffrey Zeldman. Since 1995, Zeldman has been creating websites. He is the author of “A List Apart,” “A Book Apart,” and “An Event Separate”. He is currently the creative director at Automattic.

Zeldman frequently shares helpful articles, and his opinions on the most recent news, and occasionally posts cat pictures on his Twitter profile. Follow his web development Twitter account @zeldman.

David Heinemeier Hansson

He is the co-founder of Basecamp and the creator of Ruby on Rails. Along with the best-selling books Rework and Remote, he also co-wrote Agile Web Development with Rails.

You can follow his web development Twitter account @dhh where he talks about Basecamp’s growth, Silicon Valley’s faulty VC system, a little bit about Rails, and other topics.

The Hansson Twitter account is a wonderful resource for learning about the problems with web development and how it relates to emerging technologies. You can also visit his website to learn more about him.

Smashing Magazine

Developers and web designers worldwide can use this online magazine as an information source. This is one of the best web development Twitter accounts.Smashing magazine’s Twitter feed compiles a variety of articles on topics ranging from how to create the best design team to how to master different computer languages. This account offers a wealth of information on a cutting-edge sector.

How-to articles, fantastic guides, and design inspiration are all available in Smashing Magazine. On their Twitter account, you will find tweets that discuss image optimization, links to tools and resources for color, web design and coding tips and tricks, end-to-end quality maintenance advice, etc.

Follow their web development Twitter Account @smashingmag.

David Walsh

He is a senior Mozilla developer and author of the blog His posts are quite educational and can aid readers in learning a number of programming languages.

You can discover a number of tweets on how technology and development interact on his web development Twitter account, along with helpful advice. Follow his account @davidwalshblog.

Brad Frost

Web developer Brad Frost, from Pennsylvania, specializes in HTML and CSS. He is a key figure in the field of web development because he developed the well-known Atomic Design methodology to assist others in creating effective UI design systems.

Frost is a terrific developer to follow in terms of advice and inspiration because he frequently writes features and frequently updates his blog. He’s also really funny.

He also contributed to the development of some fantastic tools and resources for designers, including This Is Responsive, Pattern Lab,, WTF Mobile Web, and Mobile Web Best Practices. He has a firm grasp of the most recent web developments. Follow his web development Twitter account @brad_frost.

Eric Meyer

Web developer Eric Meyer is best recognized for his support of web standards and works with cascading style sheets (CSS). On his website,, he writes on topics related to web development and design. The technology and development areas are frequently discussed on his web development Twitter account. Follow him on Twitter @meyerweb.

Jeff Atwood

Software and web developer Jeff Atwood is famous for,, and his blog, Coding Horror. The blog is brimming with knowledge on web or software development and technology.

In his writing, he explores the connections between this technology and society. Anyone wanting to break into web development will find his Twitter feed to be full of insightful comments. His account @codinghorror is also among the best Twitter accounts for software engineering.

Paul Irish

Follow Paul Irish on Twitter, one of the best web development Twitter accounts @paul_irish., if you want your web designs to be smoother, slicker, and more enjoyable to use than the rivals. He is an innovative front-end developer that has created several driving tools that web developers can use.

He is the creator of numerous tools, including Yeoman, Modernizr, CSS3 Please, and others. On his blog at and Twitter account, he discusses some of the technical problems that accompany web development.

Matt Mullenweg

WordPress, which currently powers about 28% of the internet, was created by Matt Mullenweg. He also started Automattic, a company that helps WordPress operate. The connection between web development and current society is frequently discussed on Matt’s Twitter feed. Follow his web development Twitter account @photomatt.


The web design community on this web development Twitter account is maintained by Chris Coyier. To learn more about CSS and other web design aspects, the website provides videos, guidelines, articles, books, and other resources.

On @css. Twitter feed, you will find tweets on detailed procedures for converting designs into code, information on the design process, and advice from other experts in the field, such as Eric Bailey, etc. @css is one of the best web development Twitter accounts for web designers.

Final Words

These Twitter accounts are the best platforms for information exchange. Here, web developers can interact with one another and initiate conversations about any subject pertaining to their industry. These subjects can include everything from simple to creating programs.

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