Are you in search of the best AI writing tools that can assist you in creating SEO-driven content that ranks? Look no further!

In this article, we will explore the best AI content writing tools specifically created for SEO content writing purposes. These tools will help you save valuable time while producing high-quality, engaging, and impeccably optimized content.

Incorporating these AI content writing tools into your digital marketing toolkit is essential to score well on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). Leveraging their features can significantly enhance your chances of standing out from the competition and gaining visibility in organic search results. So, which AI content writing tools are the best for SEO?, Grammarly,, Page Optimizer Pro,, etc. are among the best tools for AI content writing. Let’s get into the details of these AI tools for content writing:

Artificial intelligence (AI) content writing tools, also known as AI writing assistants or AI content generators, are computer programs that use NLP (natural language processing) and AI to help writers create SEO Optimized written material. By using machine learning algorithms, these tools analyze large data sets and generate words that resemble human writing in response to prompts or input.

These tools can also provide recommendations and suggestions for optimizing your content to improve its SEO performance. They may suggest adjustments to keyword usage, heading structure, content length, and other factors that impact search engine rankings.

Some content writing tools for SEO analyze your content for on-page SEO elements, such as proper header tag usage, keyword placement, and internal linking suggestions. These insights help you optimize your content to meet SEO best practices.

These tools used for content writing provide valuable guidance and suggestions to optimize content and improve its likelihoods of ranking higher in search engine results pages. Let’s get started and reach into the details of these top AI writing tools. – Best AI Content Writing Tools for SEO

  • Content Generation 
  • Content optimization 
  • Keyword research 
  • Competitor keyword analysis is one of the best AI content writing tools that use AI to assist in writing effective and optimized content for search engines. It helps you create top-notch content that appeals to readers and performs well in search engine rankings. It analyzes the best search results for your desired keyword and provides a comprehensive content plan. This plan includes the following:

  1. A structured framework for your content
  2. A set of recommended keywords to incorporate
  3. Insights into how your competitors are utilizing those keywords
  4. It also gives recommendations on how you can improve your content. 

By using, you can easily create content that stands out, ranks higher in search engine results, and ultimately drives traffic to your business.


  1. Easily examine your SEO competitors’ content through a user-friendly research panel.
  2. Gain insights into essential SERP metrics such as word count, domain rating, and heading count, presented visually.
  3. Leverage the power of AI to generate comprehensive, optimized content briefs in just 6 seconds.


  1. The plagiarism checker doesn’t offer the same thoroughness as certain other tools.


  • Free Trial: $1 for a 5-day free trial. 
  • Solo Plan: $14.99/month for 4000 AI words per month – optimize 4 articles. 
  • Basic Plan: $44.99/month for 4000 AI words –  optimize 30 articles. 
  • Team Plan: $114.99/month for 4k words – optimize unlimited articles. 

Grammarly AI – Best Plagiarism Checker

  • Generate content  
  • Grammar checker 
  • Tone detector 
  • Plagiarism checker 
Grammarly is a helpful AI-driven writing assistant for AI blog writers designed to generate and enhance content writing. This AI writing tool not only generates up to date content but also provides valuable suggestions to improve your writing style and checks for and corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in your text. This results in enhanced readability of your content and increases the chances of search engines indexing it.
Grammarly also aids in identifying instances of potential plagiarism, ensuring the integrity of your content.
Grammarly also offers suggestions for advanced grammatical improvements to optimize and enhance your content. Additionally, Grammarly has the capability to detect the tone of your writing and provide helpful suggestions and edits.

The Grammarly browser extension ensures comprehensive error detection across various platforms. Whether you’re composing emails in Gmail or editing your website content using editor, Grammarly will assist you in identifying spelling and grammar issues throughout the writing process. Grammarly is one of the best AI content-writing tools.


  1. It has a Chrome extension. It will help you check your grammar and spelling on various platforms when typing. 
  2. Easy to use. 
  3. You have the option to select which kinds of mistakes you want to be looked for, and you can also decide how serious each type of error should be considered. 




  • Premium plan for individuals: $30/month. 
  • Business Plan for Teams: Price depends on team size; it’s high for a huge team. – Best AI Content Generator

  • Content generation 
  • Content optimization 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Content analysis is one of the best AI writing tools for SEO  that leverages state-of-the-art AI technology to optimize content for maximum search engine visibility. utilizes its proprietary algorithms and in-depth analysis of Google SERPs to uncover invaluable keywords and generate optimized content effortlessly. This tool also examines keywords, search trends, competitor keywords and other crucial SEO factors, enabling the creation of premium content that consistently achieves high rankings on search results pages. 

One of the foremost merits of lies in its ability to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. By eliminating the need for manual keyword research and analysis, content creators can allocate their valuable time and resources to other essential facets of their work. 

Moreover, generates a significant amount of content quickly, complete with appropriate headings, subheadings, bullet points, and more.

This makes it an excellent choice for businesses aiming to create a substantial volume of top-notch content consistently.

With this tool, you not only receive weekly reports highlighting how your website is performing in search results, but it also identifies the areas that need enhancement and optimization.

With, you gain valuable insights into how your website is doing and actionable suggestions to boost its visibility.


  1. This best writing assistant software is easy to use and generates quick results. 
  2. The content it creates is of high quality and genuine. 
  3. It helps writers optimize their content, which helps in a higher ranking in search results.


  1. is not recommended for creating long-form articles. If you are looking for a short form writing piece, then is a must-have. 

Pricing: offers three pricing plans based on word count. 

  • Initial 7-day free trial. 
  • Basic Plan: $49/month for unlimited words – 40 SEO score audits. 
  • Plus Plan: $99/month for unlimited words – 100 SEO score audits

Semrush AI Writing Assistant

  • Content generation 
  • Keywords research and analysis 
  • Plagiarism checker

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant is among the most useful AI content writing tools. The capability of Semrush SEO Writing Assistant to analyze the content and offer real-time optimization suggestions is one of its most notable features. It assesses numerous elements, including keyword usage, readability, and overall article structure. 

The keyword analysis option is helpful because it proposes appropriate keywords and offers information on their search volume, difficulty, and related terms. Semrush SEO Writing Assistant also provides a thorough readability analysis. Based on a number of criteria, including sentence length, paragraph organization, and the appropriate use of headings, it assesses the content’s readability.  

You can create a variety of content using Semrush writing assistant, such as blogs post, web copy, social media post, emails, ads and product descriptions. Semrush is also known as the best AI  copywriting software. 


  1. Create content in 25+ languages. 
  2. Potent optimization tool. 
  3. Provides a readability analysis. 
  4. Easy to use UI. 


  1. Not recommended for beginners. 


  • Pro Plan: $119.95/month for small projects. 
  • Guru Plan: $229.95/month for midsize businesses. 
  • Business Plan: $449.95/month for huge firms. 

PageOptimizer Pro

  • Optimize existing content 
  • Provide Reports 
  • Generate content briefs 
  • Monitor published content. 

PageOptimizer Pro, also referred to as POP, is a cutting-edge SEO solution designed to enhance the efficiency of web content optimization for writers and marketers. 

The PageOptimizer Pro homepage serves as the central hub for utilizing this powerful tool. Users can swiftly generate comprehensive article briefs by simply entering the target keywords, domain, and target page. These briefs can be conveniently exported and worked on in popular platforms like Excel or Sheets or directly within the POP dashboard.

The integrated content editing tool offers valuable optimization suggestions throughout the content creation process. Moreover, this AI writing software provides users with a report card that assesses the quality of their posts and predicts their potential ranking performance in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). With its thorough interface and well-rounded features, PageOptimizer Pro emerges as one of the best AI content writing tools for SEO. 


  1. Free 7-day trial to experience the full benefits. 
  2. Uses a patented algorithm. 
  3. Provides a step-by-step guidance system to enhance your SEO efforts. 


  1. Some users claim that customer support is slow. 


  • Free Trial: 7-day free trial. 
  • For single users: 
    • Basic Plan: $27/month. 
    • Premium: $38/month for a simple site. 
    • Unlimited: $490/year for high traffic sites. 
  • For Teams Users: 
    • 5 SUB-Accounts monthly: $120/month or $1200/years. 


  • Generate content
  • Research high demand keywords
  • Compare Trends
  • Track competitors 

BuzzSumo is effective and one of the best AI content writing tools with a number of features to help you with content development and promotion. The content discovery tool, one of its standout features, helps you develop original and captivating content ideas.

BuzzSumo also offers thorough SEO analytics in addition to content generation to help you make your content search engine friendly. You can use it to find effective keyword terms, examine backlinks, and keep tabs on your content’s position in search results.

The content research tool is yet another useful BuzzSumo feature. Thousands of articles and social media posts relevant to your niche can be scanned and analyzed with this tool. Beyond its content-focused capabilities, BuzzSumo also aids in influencer marketing. It makes it possible for you to locate niche-relevant influencers who can broaden the audience for your material and engage your target market.


  1. With BuzzSumo, you have the ability to explore content based on various criteria such as topic, keyword, author, or domain.
  2. This tool helps you identify influencers related to your target market.


  1. Expensive 


  • Basic Plan: $119/month for 1 user. 
  • Content Creation: $249/month for 5 users. 
  • PR & Comms: $249/month for 5 users. 
  • Suite: $499/month for 10 users 
  • Enterprise: $999/month for 30 users. 

Quillbot AI Writing Assistant

  • Content creation 
  • Grammar checker 
  • Plagiarism checker

Quillbot is an advanced AI writing assistant that belongs to the category of AI content writing tools. This advanced writing tool, fueled by artificial intelligence, is designed to enhance your writing skills and productivity. 

Packed with a range of useful features, including grammar checking, style suggestions, and an extensive thesaurus, QuillBot is your go-to solution for elevating the quality and speed of your writing. Its standout feature is the powerful paraphrasing tool, which empowers individuals to effortlessly revamp and refine sentences, paragraphs, and even entire articles.


  1. Cost-Effective
  2. It provides a range of functionalities, such as rephrasing, content generation, and detecting plagiarism.
  3. Its free plan provides access to rephrasing and grammar-checking functionalities.


  1. Its free plans offer limited functionality. 


  • Premium Plan: $9.95/month

  • Generates Content 
  • Grammar checker 
  • Keyword optimization stands out among AI content writing tools as an advanced and feature-rich AI-powered writing assistant. Its user-friendly interface makes it effortless for users to generate high-quality content. The platform offers a wide variety of writing styles to cater to diverse needs, such as blog posts, Emails, social media content, and product descriptions. 

Leveraging its AI capabilities, comprehends context and provides relevant suggestions, enabling users to enhance their writing and achieve their desired tone. Grammar, spell-checking, and language optimization are among the comprehensive features offered by, ensuring error-free, engaging, and tailored content for the target audience. 

Alliances with the AI assistant promote seamless teamwork and boost productivity. By utilizing’s keyword optimization feature, users can strategically incorporate relevant keywords to enhance their content’s search engine visibility. Regular updates on industry trends and insights empower users to stay ahead of the competition.


  1. User-friendly interface for content generation, multilingual support, and diverse writing style options.


  1. Limited customization. 


  • Free Plan: Generate 10k characters monthly. 
  • Saver Plan: $9/month for 100k characters. 
  • Unlimited Plan: $29/month for unlimited characters.

  • Generate content 
  • Provide rich formatting 
  • Uses NLP algorithm, one of the leading AI content writing tools, utilizes advanced natural language processing algorithms to generate high-quality content for various purposes. Users can effortlessly create blog posts, social media captions, product descriptions, and ad copy using 

It offers the unique feature of generating content in different tones and styles, adapting to specific requirements. Predefined tones such as informative, persuasive, friendly, and creative ensure alignment with the desired brand voice. excels in crafting attention-grabbing headlines and introductions, hooking readers and maintaining engagement. 

It also provides tailored templates and prompts for generating platform-specific content, optimizing for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The “Content Improver” feature enhances existing content, offering suggestions for improved engagement, conciseness, and SEO-friendliness. So, is an invaluable tool for a digital marketing agency. 


  1. provides fast and efficient AI-generated content that can save time and effort in writing tasks.
  2. Users can generate a variety of content such as blog posts, emails, ads copy,  social media content, website copy and more. 


  1. The generated content quality may vary, and human editing and review are often required to ensure accuracy. 


  • Free Plan: 2000 words per month for 1 user. 
  • Pro Plan: $36/month for 5 users – unlimited words.

Formerly known as, is one of the most exceptional AI content writing tools that simplify creating content for various platforms, such as blogs and social media. 

Jasper is particularly beneficial for generating concise texts like social media posts and more. However, it’s crucial to note that while Jasper is an ingenious tool, human intervention is still necessary. 

The generated content requires editing, thorough checking, and oversight from a human editor or writer, as it may not always align perfectly with your site’s requirements.


  1. User-friendly.
  2. Highly efficient for revving content creation.
  3. Create content in 30+ languages. 


  1. Prone to errors at times.


  • Free trial: 7-day free trial. 
  • Creator Plan: $39/month for 1 user. 
  • Team’s Plan: $99/month for 3 users. 

Final Words

The market offers several exceptional AI content writing tools that utilize advanced natural language processing to generate high-quality content efficiently. With features like language customization, tone adjustment, and plagiarism detection, users can create compelling and unique content across industries. 
Moreover, the AI content writing tools with SEO optimization features are invaluable, aiding in keyword research, content optimization, and metadata generation. These tools ensure search engine-friendly content that ranks well. Continual advancements in AI technology are revolutionizing content creation and optimization for the digital landscape.

Author: GVM Technologies

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