Zaheer Baig

Backbone JS Developer


1 years’ Experience



Jaikranti college of computer
science and management
studies Pune



Guru Nanak jr college Pune



  • Self-control
  • Zest
  • Learning new thing
  • Flexible Working

Personal Dossier

  • Pune, India
  • English, Hindi

Career Objective

To work for an Organization which provide me the opportunity to improve my skills and Knowledge to growth along with the organization objectives.

IT Skill Sets


  • React
  • jQuery

App Technologies

  • HTML
  • CSS

Programming Languages

  • React JS
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Backbone JS
  • underscore


Mark Up Languages

  • HTML

Scripting Languages

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • C++
  • python

Operating System

  • Windows

Web Server

  • Chrome

Source Control Tools


  • Visual Studio
  • sublime text
  • Mongo DB compass

Cloud Platforms

  • AWS


Title : Sundance

Technologies : Backbone JS

My Role : Frontend Developer

Specification : Task based development.

Title : E-commerce Website

Technologies : React ,Html,Css ,javascript , for database MongoDB

My Role :Frontend Developer and backend developer

Specification :In this react project , I build an Ecommerce web application using fetch api to get product data .we also add filter product functionality to filter data product .for backend store users data

Title : Responsive portfolio website

Technologies : React , HTML , CSS , JavaScript

My Role : Frontend Developer

Specification : In this project build web app that show all information about me and my skills. React portfolio with bootstrap.

Title : Netflix Clone

Technologies : React ,Javascript ,Html, Css

My Role :Frontend developer

Specification :In this Project creating a Netflix clone using implementing React Hooks, context Api and feathing Data from an TMDB Api.

Title :Expense Tracker

Technologies : React , Javascript ,Css ,Html, Nodejs and Database like MongoDB

My Role :Frontend developer and backend developer

Specification :In this React project ,create a expense tracker using react, Reacthooks, axios and node . User can Add ,Update and Delete their Expenses and also show their Graphical interface .by using mongodb save their expences to database .

Title :Movie SearchApp

Technologies : Html , Css , Javascript , ReactJS

My Role : Frontend Developer

Specification :In this React Movie Search app will be having the feature to search movies from omdb apis .The Movie app will have Following staps :1>app setup 2> apisetup 3> Ul creation Using style components 4>components based development 5> api interation with axios.