Yesh Jadav

ROR & Python Developer


1 years’ Experience



Watumull Institute of Electronic Engineering and Computer Technology


Dip IT

Vidyalankar Polytechnic




  • Problem Solver
  • Quick Learner
  • Decision Making
  • Honest and Creative
  • Positive Personal Traits
  • Flexible Working

Personal Dossier

  • Mumbai, India
  • English, Hindi

Career Objective


To attain a position as software developer in an organization,which will help me to use and contribute my abilities in software development and also to enhance my knowledge and utilize my academic background, leadership skills and positive thinking to contribute towards the growth by committed and high quality work.

IT Skill Sets



  • Rails
  • Django
  • Flask


Web Technologies

  • RubyonRails
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • Core PHP


Programming Languages

  • C
  • Python
  • Ruby


Mark Up Languages

  • HTML
  • CSS

Scripting Languages

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP


Operating System

  • UbuntuOS
  • MacOS

Source Control Tools



  • Sublime
  • Tableplus
  • Postman
  • Sublime Merge


Cloud Platforms

  • Heroku
  • AWS EC2 Instance
  • AWS S3 Bucket


Title : Heart Chatbot

Technologies :Machine Learning

Tools : Python Developer

My Role : Frontend Angular Developer

Specification : Worked as ML Developer where we have created machine learning projects using different libraries like numpy, pandas, matplotlib,scikit-learn,etc. The project is all about prediction of Heart disease using Chatbot. Here we have took the data from University from Cleaveland in which they have different columns of data for age,sex,chest-pain-type,blood-pressure,cholestrol,etc. On the basis of these parameters and algorithms we are predicting whether the person is suffering from heart disease or not.

Title : VDB INC

Technologies :RubyonRails

My Role : ROR Backend Developer

Specification : Frontend Angular DeveloperWorking as Backend Developer for VDB team where they have four types of products which they buy and sell on their marketplace. Here four types of products are Diamonds, Jewelry, Gemstone and Lab-Grown Diamonds. Here Main role of Backend Developer is to handle different search results for each of the items of specific product type. Other than this there are many features like as per given searching criteria, managed diamond details, manages bulk request, add to cart, offline and online payment integration,etc. Also it has some big epics like Linked-Pairs stones, Internal Landing Page, BMH(Buy Memo Hold) request. At Backend we also handle emails for different services and features we offer on our app.

Title : Cozmo

Technologies :Django

My Role : Python Backend Developer

Specification : Worked as Backend Developer on Cozmo Project where they give information of houses on rents or buying a house or staying in a particular hotel or resorts. Each section plays a different role in handling the data and providing to the users with the help of list view. The data has been fetched from Airbnb, Trivago, etc. This data is collected together and represented in tabular format for customers to book or buy the house. The epics on which we worked on this project were SignUp and SignIn via Google Authentication, Optimized Search logic using date and time.

Title : Kohli Media LLP

Technologies :Core PHP

My Role : PHP Backend Developer

Specification : Worked as Core PHP Backend Developer on IFER Project where they develop innovative Web-Products serving people worldwide. IFER stands for International Federation for Educators and Research where they connect people together by conducting Online events similar to what TEDx provides in today’s market. The epics on which I have worked were Developed Email Verification with Login System,Generating and Providing Certificates after completion of events, Also worked around Admin Panel where Admin can create and events assign specific speakers for those events, Forget Password Email, Email Notification of new events.

Title : E-KART

Technologies :Django

My Role : Python Backend Developer

Specification : Worked as Full Stack Developer on E-KART project where basically its E-commerce store. The main features of this project were adding items in the cart, payment-gateway integration with Paypal and Razor Pay, Checkout Page, Sign In Authentication, Forget Password Authentication with OTP on Email. For Database we use MySQL and for the Frontend section we used Bootstrap with CSS.