Pooja Shah

Chief Operating Officer & Ahmedabad Branch Manager


10 years’ Experience



GTU (Gujarat Technological University)


Veer Narmad South Gujarat University



  • Decision Making
  • Team buildup and managing all tasks of developers
  • Learning Attitude for any new technologies
  • Honest and Creative
  • Open minded
  • Flexibility in the workplace

Personal Dossier

  • Surat, India
  • English, Gujarati, Hindi

Career Objective

To ensure challenging position in a growing organization where I would be able to utilize my capabilities to the best extend and, in the process, add value to the organization and my career.

IT Skill Sets


  • .Net
  • MVC
  • Jdk8
  • jQuery
  • Maven
  • Angular 11-12

Web Technologies

  • .Net (v3, v4.5)
  • Angular JS (v8, v13)
  • Python (3.x)
  • JAVA (JDK 8, JDK11)

Programming Languages

  • .Net
  • java
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • HTML5 (basic)


Mark Up Languages

  • HTML
  • XML

Scripting Languages

  • JavaScript
  • c#
  • c++
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS (v8 , v13)
  • Python
  • Razor Template
  • JAVA
  • Wcf Rest API

Operating System

  • Windows

Web Server

  • IIS
  • Nginx

Source Control Tools


  • Visual Studio
  • VS code
  • Spring boot
  • Eclipse
  • SQL server Management Studio
  • Mongo DB compass
  • FileZilla

Cloud Platforms

  • Digital Ocean
  • Heroku and basic knowledge of AWS
  • Azure


Title : VDB

Technologies : Angular 13

Tools : Heroku platform (for deployment) and VS code, Jira for tasks management, SCSS

My Role : Sr. Frontend Angular developer

Specification : Its diamond selling companies. Here we managed web frontend that is developed in angular. We managed all front-end regarding functionality. In this project we are working with client teams and get experience of team works and manages all task as per all teams of QA, Android, IOS and backend. In this app provides list of diamonds, search diamond as per given searching criteria, managed diamond details, manages bulk request, add to cart and place order functionality, offline online payment integration, managed gallery preview for diamond images, request for contact functionality etc.

Title : Alpidi

Technologies : Angular (v13), Java Spring Boot and MongDB

Tools : Spring Boot Tool 4,Mongodb Compass, Visual Studio Code, Digital Ocan

My Role : Frontend Developer, Project Manger

Specification : This application is a ecommerce base application that contains shop owner, print house and admin modules.
Mange all incoming order by Etsy. So in app we are using etsy authorization , API integration for getting incoming orders, Maintain orders processing and carrier status, Update tracking details on etsy etc.
Mange all order listings with vector files
Mange quantity portfolio of print house user.
Mange payment modules (For payment gateway we using stripe API)
Mange carrier services (For carrier we are using shippo API)

Library: Etsy APIs, Shippo and Stipe Payments

Title : Stirista B2b

Technologies :.Net , .Net core, Angular 13, MongoDb

My Role : Project Manager as well as Sr project developer

Specification : B2B project that manging all contacts as well as companies information. Here we managed all B2B company regarding functionalities used elastic search for backend for fastest running app. Also makes chrome extension for managed some functionalities. Fetch and integrated linkedin contacts. Makes this app in .net as well as converted in angular(13) .

Title : iRecruitment Portal

Technologies :CodeIgniter(MVC) and phpMyAdmin

Tools: Sublime Text, Wamp Server

My Role : Project Manger

Specification : This is a recruitment website where all candidate portfolios were managed. Candidate short listing, relevant candidate finding, notifications, candidate chat modules , apply job, portfolio view etc. functionality are managed. Admin management modules are also developed.

Title : GlobalRose

Technologies :.Net

Tools:Sr. .net Developer

My Role : Project Manger

Specification : Ecommerce Website that maintains all orders coming from customers. Also, its implemented owin authorization (Authorization_code type).

Title : ERP

Technologies :.Net

My Role :Sr. .net Developer

Specification : Ecommerce Website that maintains all orders coming from customers. Managing all orders selling and customer information as well integrated chat modules. Paypal integration for payment modules

Title : Rest API

Technologies :MVC

My Role :Sr. .net Developer

Specification : Makes many rest API with .net MVC framework

Title : Form Widgets Application

Technologies :MVC 5, Jquery

My Role :Sr. Developer

Specification : In this, provide the facility to user for creating its form and generate the Embed Scripting code. Now user can put this code in your own site and get the generated form. This application done by the JQuery.

Title : Screen Scraping Tools

Technologies : Python, C#

My Role :Sr. Developer

Specification : Make some Scaping Tools for:
LinkedIn ,
Craigslist etc.

Title : Database Structure

Technologies :SQL server

My Role :Sr. Developer

Specification : Created normalized Database structure for many applications

Title : Website Optimization

Technologies :.Net MVC

My Role :Web developer

Specification : Specification For 2-3 client projects we ptimized code of the heavy loaded site.

Title : CMS System

Technologies :.Net4, MVC 5

My Role :Sr. Developer

Specification : Makes many CMS system with MVC as well as .net framework. Admin User module makes with using ASP .net membership (create user, maintains his profile, forget password , update password, role management).

Title : Validate JSON with RE expression

Technologies :JQuery

My Role :Jr. Web Developer

Specification : Use RE expression for validate JSON values as per our requirements. We have one json that contains data and we fetch this all data as per given criteria. When we fetch that time, we have to use RE exp for identified which is correct data json or not.

Title : Event Management application

Technologies :JQuery

My Role :Jr. Web Developer

Specification : Generate manual event calendar using jquery mange all events with scheduling time and makes UI likes google calendar. Also here managed drag drop functionality for events , validate events was not overlaps, Managed every events data on hover pop up with ui management , validate created scheduled events, mange all events as per user groups and user management etc.

Title : File storage of Azure

Technologies :Microsoft Azure

My Role :Internships

Specification : Use Azure in our internships and research thesis for storing and reading files in blobs