Anita Nagori

Project Manager


8 years’ Experience



Veer Narmad South Gujarat University


Veer Narmad South Gujarat University


  • Decision Making
  • Swift Learner
  • Team Management and Dedicated deliveries
  •   Problem solver
  • Good Communication
  • Honest and Creative
  • Opened Minded
  • Flexible Working

Personal Dossier

  • Hyderabad, India
  • English, Gujarati, Hindi , Rajasthani

Career Objective

Highly skilled and results-oriented iOS software development professional bringing more than 7 years in software design, development and integration. Advanced knowledge of Objective C and Swift. Supportive and enthusiastic team player dedicated to managing teams, driving progress toward project milestones, quality assurance, streamlining processes and on-time delivery.

IT Skill Sets


  • .Net
  • MVC
  • Jdk8
  • jQuery
  • Maven
  • Angular 11-12

Web Technologies

  • .Net (v3, v4.5)
  • Angular JS (v8, v13)
  • Python (3.x)
  • JAVA (JDK 8, JDK11)

Programming Languages

  • iOS
  • Swift
  • Swift UI
  • Android


Operating System

  • Mac

Source Control Tools


  • Android Studio
  • Xcode
  • Visual Studio


Title : VDB

Technologies : SPA , Android , IOS , ROR

My Role :Project Manager

Specification : Its diamond selling companies. This app provides a list of diamonds, searches for diamonds as per given searching criteria, manages diamond details, manages bulk request, add to cart and place order functionality, offline online payment integration, managed gallery preview for diamond images, request for contact functionality etc.

Title : Roof Inspection Pro

Technologies : Flutter

Tools : Visual code , Android Studio , Xcode

My Role :Project Manager

Specification : Roof Inspection Pro is the first roof inspection app in the world.
An app designed and developed by professional building and roof inspectors. Our app is specifically designed for roof inspection that can be used in a wide range of industries including insurance claim assessments, roof life expectancy certificates, real estates, etc.

Title : Winicle

Technologies : Android , IOS , Backend

Tools : Xcode , Android Studio , MongoDB

My Role :Project Manager

Specification : On Winicle, you create content and you get rewarded if people like your content. The content can be exciting, spontaneous, or genuine short-form videos, images or text. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or love being creative, there’s something for everyone on Winicle. All you have to do is create your content and watch, engage with what you like of others..

Title : TTF

Technologies : CodeIgniter (MVC) and phpMyAdmin

Tools : Sublime Text, Wamp Server

My Role :Project Manager

Specification : KICK, PUNCH & LIFT with TTF.

TTF is associated with Gym Functionality. Provided Gym training videos based on different categories , Provide In-App Purchases for Video and Group call subscriptions. Provide Book appointment feature along with Siri. It uses Gymmaster services and provides gym features to the users.

Title : Hugo

Technologies : .Net (4.5) MVC with Razor syntax

Tools : Visual Studio (2022), SQL server (2012)

My Role :Sr. .net Developer

Specification : Order food from your favourite restaurants, drinks, transportation, medicines, cash, supermarket and much more from the palm of your hand.

Title : Livestream

Technologies : Flutter

Tools : Android Studio , Xcode

My Role :Project Manager

Specification : Livestream is a music app which shows live concerts , gives features to meet Artist with VIP passes , Can Do video calls with your favourite Artist , Can see live concert , Chats , Book Appointments , Artist can sell their products (Merchandise) , also sell their playlist.

Fans can see , call , chat , buy , Get VIP passes , book appointments for video calls etc for their favourite Artist.

It’s an amazing app for live streaming concert.

Title : Bluetooth

Technologies : Android (Kotline)

Tools : Android Studio

My Role :Project Manager

Specification : It’s used for reading data from NIC and passing it to an app for data transfer.

Title : Whambler

Technologies : Java, Swift, MongoDb

Tools : Android Studio , Xcode

My Role : Project Manager

Specification : Whambler is a Social app with a combination of Whatsapp and Instagram. It combines features of both apps into one with some more interesting UI and visual effects . It modifies business logic to achieve some more good features.It’s an interesting app.

Title : HawkIT

Technologies : Kotline , Swift

Tools : Xcode , Android Studio

My Role :Project Manager

Specification : It’s an Ecommerce app for buyers and sellers and cloned most features of Amazon,Flipcart.

Title : Saloni

Technologies : Swift , Java

Tools : Xcode , Android studio

My Role :Sr IOS developer

Specification : The application facilitates the process of booking salons and searching for the favorite salon or the nearest salon and a reminder of the appointment date for both the client and the owner of the salon.

Title : Poloroid

Technologies : Swift

Tools : Xcode

My Role : Sr. Developer

Specification : It’s the coolest app that can manage and filter your picture and also allow you to add stickers, frames and many more editions and via bluetooth connectivity it connects to a polaroid camera and prints your picture as you design via app.

Title : Primepass

Technologies :Swift

Tools : Xcode

My Role :Sr. Developer

Specification : Primepass, you have a single subscription, with a fixed monthly value and a complete app to access the best entertainment in a single place , It’s similar to hotsar

Title : RapportScanner

Technologies :Swift

My Role :Sr Developer , Team Lead

Specification : For Scanning Documents and detect the text over documents

Title : POS system

Technologies :Objective C

Tools : Xcode

My Role : Sr. Developer , Team Lead

Specification : It’s uses for manage inventory systems and manage billing and cash using POS system integrated with App.

Title : POS system

Technologies :Objective C

Tools : Xcode

My Role :Sr. Developer , Team Lead

Specification : It’s uses for manage inventory systems and manage billing and cash using POS system integrated with App.

Title : Wiink App

Technologies : Swift

Tools : Xcode

My Role : Sr iOS Developer

Specification : It’s an Dating app , It is similar to Tinder app which uses right person for you and matches your interests based on your store preference and provide you chat and call features.

Title : Atticus

Technologies : Swift

Tools : Xcode

My Role : Sr Developer , Team lead

Specification : This is an app which manages mental health by providing many playing tasks in the app which improve your mental heath and low stress. It also provides a chat feature to talk with Psychiatrists. First it checks your mental stress by providing activities in the app and then based on that it provides a solution to help you.

Title : ShareCB

Technologies : Swift

Tools : Xcode

My Role : iOS developer

Specification :It is used for Share content on various social media , also get required content from social media and display in the app.